Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club

Paul Lynch, the trainer at Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club, asked me to take some photos of the members for the gym wall.

He runs an amazing little gym in a wooden building on the outskirts of The Weald on the outskirts of Sevenoaks.

The details of it are here, I go to the appropriately named “Fat Dads” sessions and have also been popping into the daytime training sessions, originally meant for ladies but all are welcome.

Thanks to Mark (Rocky Balboa) Trenowden for the introduction to this place.

I went in on a Wednesday night, the juniors are in from 5-7pm and the seniors from 7-9pm. I was impressed by the determination most of the kids had, and the experience they had already picked up. The seniors were also impressive, putting my own “fat dad’s” training to shame as they worked out.

The star of the show is Paul. He is supportive, encouraging, friendly, occasionally loud (‘ARDER!!!!), and clearly immensely respected by both the adults and children who train there.

I would recommend Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club not only to those who wish to seriously get into the sport, but to anybody who wishes to get and keep fit.

It is not only the best value, but the best training I have done at any gym.

I have put the photos online for members and parents to browse. I am happy for them to be used by them for non commercial purposes.

The Photos are here or on facebook

I have also put them on Photobox so prints can be ordered. The password is christianblandfordfund

If you wish to share them on Facebook please do so but link back to this page, or just click on the like button below to share this page.

If you like the photos, have ordered some prints and wish to do so please consider a contribution to the Christian Blandford Fund. The aim of the Christian Blandford fund is to improve the comfort of children and their families, particularly those affected by cancer, during prolonged stays in local NHS hospitals.

Please bear us in mind for any future fund raising or sponsorship.

The Christian Blandford Fund

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