Migrated Blogger to Wordspace and some pics of King’s School open mic night

I have finally got around to moving my blog fromm blogger to WordPress. WordPress has been the website design tool of choice since I moved www.christianblandford.com over to it a few years ago. My other sites www.begurvillas.com, www.chriselsmore.com  and www.scanmypad.com all use it and only my little used photography blog that was left to move over.

I followed these instructions to migrate and, I must, admit it was pretty easy.

While I was at it I updated the galleries on this site to the latest versions of the very good CE4 Lightroom galleries by The Turning Gate. They now have  a new publishing tool called Backlight and when I get around to it, I guess I’ll be upgrading to that.

My latest gallery was from photos taken at the open mic night at Christian’s school, King’s Rochester. The light was almost perfect, by almost perfect I mean it was 10 feet behind the stage, so actually a bit of a disaster. I maybe went a bit heavy handed with the processing but I think I portrayed the Summer evening feeling.

Peter Blandford’s photo




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