2014 Tesla Model S P85 for sale – available from May 2019

It is with mixed emotions I am putting my Tesla Model S up for sale. It is by far the best car I have ever owned. Crazy fast, incredibly practical, constantly evolving and updating itself and over 4 years later, still heads and shoulders above every other car apart from maybe a newer Tesla!

Mileage - 35,000 Miles

Cost - £39,900

Full Tesla service history 

New tyres recently

Autopilot 1 - self steering and adaptive cruise control, amazing for long journeys

Original invoice here

What it's like to own a Tesla - a cartoonist view


It is a Tesla P85

For those who don't know, 85 means it is an 85KWh battery pack, the bigger the battery the longer the car can go before it needs to charge. The official EPA range is 265 miles, but a more realistic number under real world conditions is around 200 miles. Speed makes a big difference to the range as you can see below. To protect the health of the battery I very rarely charge it to more than 80% and it has not been left with low charge or supercharged very frequently. I have barely noticed any degradation of my battery pack in the four years I have had it.

I am only selling this car because I am upgrading to another Tesla Model S.



The P stand for performance.  It has a larger, more powerful motor than a regular Model S which rockets the car from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. The P models also have nice cosmetic extras including a subtle carbon fibre spoiler and red Tesla brake calipers.

This car comes with free supercharging for the life of the car! New cars no longer have this and people who wish to charge their cars during a journey need to pay. There are thousand of superchargers around the world and 290 currently in the UK. I have found that in the 4 years I owned the car I have not had to use them much as the car has plenty of range for my usual use. We do, however make use of them in France for our annual trip down to Begur in Spain.

The car, unlike new cars, is also exempt from UK car tax.

Charging in Calais
Home charger

You can also charge at thousands of other chargers around the country and in motorway service stations, I have not used them much as Tesla Superchargers are faster and more reliable.

A chademo adapter is useful for fast charging at non Tesla stations
A chademo adapter is useful for fast charging at non Tesla stations

Tesla have consolidated options on their cars which means that there are several benefits of the older models that are no longer in new cars. The new cars do not have opening sun roofs which means that it is impossible to fit a roof rack they, the front trunk or "frunk" is also much bigger on original cars.

Peter Blandford's photo

Another option this car has which is no longer available is the pop up seats in the boot making it a seven seater! This option was priced at £4000 when it was last offered by Tesla.

Like all Teslas most of the controls are on an incredible, bright 17" touchscreen, the car has free 3G (again a cost on newer cars) which keeps the maps updated and has regular updates which add new features. There was an issue last year and the screen was replaced under warrantee so it is a new unit, this is a common issue with cars of this age so it should protect the buyer for a good few years.

Since I had the car the following features have been added to my that were not originally there.

Auto dipping headlights

Spotify music streaming service

Self steering and adaptive cruise control - the famous self driving!

New security features like pin to drive

Games from Atari on the screen, when parked!

If you are interested in a test drive or want more info please contact Pete here.

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