Significant albums – part 1

I’ve decided this whole, “post an album cover with no comment” is a bit dull, so I’m going to break the rules and do what I want. I may also not do one every day or nominate someone every day. What a rebel eh? Billy idol isn’t one of them by the way.

In 1978 I came to the UK with my sisters Elena Bennett and Sam BT when my mum, June Arthur left Spain and her previous life behind.


After a short time with my grandparents we were lucky enough to be given a council house in Wimborne and we went to the local school. I couldn’t speak English at first but I soon made a few friends including Craig Maidment and his brother, Sean, who was a couple of years older than me but for some reason let me hang around. Sean and his mate Andrew were what they called suede heads. In other words they would have been skin heads but their mums didn’t let them. I’m pretty sure it was them that introduced me to Madness. I copied one of their tapes by hooking up my little tape deck with one of theirs (earphone to mic socket) and played it back to back pretty much continuously. For a few months it was the only tape I had. I can still sing along with the whole album but as I’ve inherited my mum’s singing voice, not very well. I don’t know if any of you have seen “this is England “, but it’s amazing how much I was like the little chubby kid hanging around with the older skin heads and their gang. I’ve got very fond memories of those times, despite the situation.

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