Blue Iris and Reolink 4k camera issues

The saga with Reolink 4k cameras and Blue Iris continues
I have two RLC-810A and two RLC- 820A cameras and they were installed yesterday. I am running Blue Iris on Windows 10 under proxmox on an i7 NUC allocating 8gb ram and 2 sockets, 2 cores. I have Open Media Vault on the same machine sharing a 10tb HDD using SMB. I also have HA OS on it.
The good news
  1. All the cameras work well with PoE, even the one that has 120m run of CAT5e cable. I am using a tp-link TL-SF1005P switch which supports up to 250m POE transmission.
  2. I have a very clear image when using the Reolink app on the phone or OSX or directly on a browser using the IP address.
  1. I have installed the Home Assistant Reolionk integration on HACs and I can get a camera image onto my HA dashboard and have several entities including motion sensors working.
The bad news
Blue Iris looks awesome, I really want to get it working but…
1. The still images look great, but when there is motion, much of the still areas get greyed out or I get lots of pixels over the motion.
Here is a video from the gate
2. I set up the cameras using the settings recommended by this guy on the Blue Iris forums and they made things better but still getting lots of problems. The user sbaker1106 later recommends contracting Reolink for beta software which I have done.
3. Under the beta software things are worse, I can’t get a “clear” stream form the cameras at all, not even on a browser. This is what I get using the Reolink app when viewing the clear stream
 I have contacted Reolink Support and none of their suggestions so far have helped.
On a slightly side note I have got nowhere getting Frigate working either, but I’m trying to get Blue Iris fixed first.
I would love to hear from anybody that has got these cameras working with Blue Iris with suggestions.
My next step is either to
  1. replace the cameras completely or give up on Blue Iris and buy a reolink NVR. This would be a shame as Blue Iiris seems to have good functionality (and I have paid for it!)
  2. bin the cameras and replace them (I mean sell, return or whatever
Any more thoughts hints suggestions would be welcome. I have put this post on a blog here so I can include video and images showing the problems and also sharing on the Home Assistant, Reolink and Blue Iris Facebook Groups.

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