Blue Iris and Reolink 4k camera issues

The saga with Reolink 4k cameras and Blue Iris continues I have two RLC-810A and two RLC- 820A cameras and they were installed yesterday. I am running Blue Iris on Windows 10 under proxmox on an i7 NUC allocating 8gb ram and 2 sockets, 2 cores. I have Open Media Vault on the same machine […]

Significant albums – part 1

I’ve decided this whole, “post an album cover with no comment” is a bit dull, so I’m going to break the rules and do what I want. I may also not do one every day or nominate someone every day. What a rebel eh? Billy idol isn’t one of them by the way. In 1978 […]

Playing about with panoramas

I have just got back from the stunning Stellenbosch near Cape Town, where I took lots of pictures, some of which are on my Flickr page.One of the photos was the biggest panorama I have ever taken. It was made of 10 D800 photos stitched together in Photoshop and it measures 27,246×5,874 which, for those […]

The New Beacon – Flower and Sparkle Ball

My lovely wife Claudia and her mate Faye are events coordinators for the New Beacon School Parents’ Association, as such they organised the New Beacon biannual ball. It was a great do and over £12000 was raised for the NBPA but more importantly everybody that went had a great time.If any friends want prints I have […]