Referral Links

I thought it might be useful to add a few referral links to products I use and love, feel free to ask me questions about any of them on the contact me page or on Social Media


Tesla referral code

I love my Model and have owned Teslas since 2014. You can use my referral code to get 1,000 free Supercharger miles on a new Tesla:


Oscar and Hamish

Oscar and Hamish Referral code

Oscar and Hamish make great quality luggage that fits perfectly in your Tesla. Made in the UK with fabulousattention to details, it is well worth the cost.

Oscar and Hamish referral link –


Teslafi refera

Not all nerds drives Teslas and not all Tesla drivers are nerds, but if like me you are a Tesla driver and a nerd, you will love the stats you  can get from Teslafi. Give it a try with the free trial.

Teslafi referral link –


Bulb referral code

Why have an electric car and use an energy supplier that buy electricity produced by gas? Bulb provide their members with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. Plus, their gas is 100% carbon neutral. 10% is green gas produced from renewable sources like food or farm waste. they also offset the rest of the gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.

They also have great customer service, use this link for a £50 credit to your first bill

Bulb referral link –